"To raise funds and awareness of heart conditions in youth and to provide financial assistance to families in need."



According to estimates from the American Heart Association, at least one-half million children in the US have some form of cardiac problem; 1 in 100, and approximately 9,500 of those children (<18 years old) experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) each year. Additionally, statistics from the March of Dimes state 40,000 children are born each year with a heart defect, adding to the number of those with heart-related problems.

In the US, about 30 million youth participate in some form of organized sports, and account for more than 3.5 million injuries each year. Strive for Life Foundation is committed to:

  • Ensuring that youth have access to high quality heart assessments.
  • Educate parents, athletes, coaches, teachers and others about the signs and symptoms of heart conditions and sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Ensure that both general and sport-specific safety education be a priority for every administrator, coach, parent and player.


Strive for Life Foundation's current strategy is to sponsor heart screenings for youth ages 8 to 25. This sponsorship includes working with the families in need with the goal to help provide financial assistance that helps offset the cost of testing. In order to extend participation to all families, we provide grants based on documented financial need-based guidelines. Strive for Life is committed to serving people regardless of their ability to pay.


To date, Strive for Life has helped sponsor over 6,000 screenings for kids ages 8 to 25. Of all kids tested, 8.5% are referred for follow up with either their pediatrician or pediatric cardiologists for a variety of conditions that can cause problems as they mature. The more serious heart conditions requiring intervention like, electrical abnormalities, cardiomyopathies, valve disorders, Septal Defects (holes in the wall of the heart), artery malformations, etc., account for about 2% of all kids tested and are sent to specialists for treatment and or surgery.